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Arabie Saoudite/Dammam – offre en chirurgie vasculaire

Arabie Saoudite/Riyadh etc.– offre en chirurgie vasculaire: pour un groupe de cliniques en Arabie Saoudite (avec des cliniques à Riyadh, Dammam et plusieurs autres villes) un chirurgien vasculaire (f/m). Ce médecin devrait idéalement avoir au moins cinq ans d‘expérience comme spécialiste ainsi qu’une bonne maîtrise de la langue anglaise. Une maîtrise de la langue arabe aussi serait bien appréciée. Âge maximal : 57 ans. Salaire : entre 45000 et 60000 Rial/mois (entre 10000 et 13.000 euro environs) en dépendance de la qualification. Il n’y a pas d’impôt sur le revenu. Avantages additionnels : L’employeur paie l’hébergement, l’assurance maladie ainsi qu’un vol aller-retour par an avec votre époux/épouse et deux enfants. Veuillez postuler avec un cv en anglais. Durée du contrat : au moins un ou deux ans.

Attention: Les représentants de l'employeur viendront en France en décembre (18.12-20.12.2021) pour des rencontres personnels avec les candidats français.

• CONTRACT STATUS: Family Status

• ACCOMMODATION: The hospital will provide a fully furnished family accommodation or a housing allowance will be paid according to policy of the hospital group.

• ANNUAL LEAVE:Eligible for 30 Days paid annual leave in every year.

• AIRFARE: Economy class one-way ticket from Origin to KSA to join duty. For annual leave, Economy class excursion ticket KSA/ORIGIN/KSA will be provided for employee, wife and 2 children.

• WORK SITE: Hospitals in Dammam, Riyadh or 3 other cities – English and French language schools are available in several of these cities.

• HOLIDAYS: Nine (9) named holidays (4 Eid, 4 Hajj, and 1 Saudi National day per year)

• MEDICAL: Free medical insurance is covered for Employee, wife and two children as per insurance company policy.

• EDUCATION LEAVE: Five days paid Education Leave each year (Consultants Only) as per company policy.

• As per policy, payment will be made for the five leave days only and any associated expenses will be the responsibility of employee.

• SAUDI COUNCIL EXAM: You will be required to pass the evaluation of the Saudi Health Specialists in your specialty in order to obtain the work license according to the KSA regulations. Also, required to pay all expenses for the certificate accreditation from the Saudi Health Specialists Organization.

• WORK PATTERN: Eight (8) hours a day, six days a week. However, in addition to the above, will be required to perform on-call as and when called upon to do so.

• CERTIFICATES: All academic, professional and experience certificates must be attested from the Saudi Consulate in Country of origin. These must be produced at the time of arrival to obtain the practicing license from the Saudi Ministry of Health.

• END OF SERVICE AWARD: On leaving MH, an End-of-Service Award will be paid in accordance with the Saudi Arabian Labor Law.

• VALIDITY: This offer is provisional upon:

- The production of satisfactory references

- Your taking employment with MH on a mutually agreed date between both the parties;

- Producing required certificates to obtain MOH license in KSA;

- The condition of this offer will be in effect from the first date of joining duty.